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Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion


Boston, MA ph. 508-451-5246
em. TJE6464@aol.com

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Just a soldier trying to bring back REAL MUSIC -- REAL TALENT -- in a world where fads and trends have overwhelmed our society and forced us to forget about the REAL DEAL!!!! I am blessed to boast an incredibly diverse and amazingly gifted client base and I will fight for them to be heard and see.
  1. Alex Jacquemin Alex Jacquemin
    guitar, electric
  2. Frank Catalano Frank Catalano
    sax, tenor
  3. Hilary Kole Hilary Kole
  4. Marcus Miller Marcus Miller
    bass, electric
  5. Michael Abene Michael Abene
  6. Nnenna Freelon Nnenna Freelon
  7. Patti Austin Patti Austin
  8. Rachael Price Rachael Price

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